An heir

I was taunted by the riches my brother has. He has the golds any people could ever dream, lands under his nose, and the power that made any people in awe. I am only a shadow; what you see is what you get. I did not have any ambitious dream on my own, until this day I realized I have to establish my own identity.A figure worth remembering. Most importantly I have to feel it too, the feeling a king only can have.

I strive from my apprenticeship. I become the star student in our class, making my peer in envy in shocked because I was only a mere imp when I entered the cubicle a long time.

Horses became my ally as I conquered territories and seas. My sword became my friend, and crown became my glory. The grounds became my training ground as I witnes countless deaths from people I considered as my heart. I became death myself also.

After the death of my brother I was engrossed and in pride because finally I can finally reached my dream.

The crown I looked upon is finally setting its refuge upon my head.

I thought of one thing.

I thought it had something.

I thought it will give me more.

Little did I know as I lay on my deathbed, wrinkled due time, and vulnerable to such misleadings that I realized again something.

There was nothing out there. I was mistaken.

The satisfactory I thought it will give me is not located at the top. I never thought that I already felt it when I was child.


The Lowness

The rain makes it more deader. Splashes are everywhere as the the rain succeeded from small drizzles to big drops of water. Its rhythm makes a tempo that is pleasing to the ears; the melody it provides gives an ease to the minds of anyone who make use of it as the time to contemplate things. The thoughts, feeling, emotions, longing, and loneliness are its proponent. It fuels and provides potential energy, that if emanate with no remorse results to the flow.

As it strengthen, it affects the land. From forest where it could be use in photosynthesis, to the urbans that give people time of convenience as well as the opposite.

The intensity it follows vary. If bottled or potentially in keeping could cause a havoc; a wrecking one that hardens and seeks itself into hiding on its initial stage, finally gave in into storm of anguish and rage. The damage it brought is likely a devastating one, because it does not think of what’s coming after its release.

Dull it may seems, but the only thing that could make a rain less hostile is to embrace it and make it part to our human self. A fragment of one’s identity and soul